Killing activity of antigen-pulsed dendritic cells combined with cytokine induced killer cells against hepatocarcinoma cells
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KeyWord:dendritic cells  cytokine-induced killer cells  liver cancer cells
周 兵,张德重 (卫辉市新乡医学院第一附属医院普外二科卫辉 453100) 
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      Objective:To observe the proliferation activities,phenotype changes and killing activities of liver cell antigen-pulsed den-dritic cells(Ag-DC) cultured with cytokine-induced killer(CIK) cells against HepG2 hepatocarcinoma cells. Methods:Peripheral blood mononuclear cells(PBMNC) were isolated from healthy donors,then DC and CIK cells were induced. The Ag-DC was co-cul-tured with CIK(Ag-DC-CIK) and the phenotype and proliferation of CIK and Ag-DC-CIK cells were observed. Their cytotoxicity ac-tivities against HepG2 hepatocarcinoma cells were detected by MTT assay. Results:The proliferation of Ag-DC-CIK cell group was significantly enhanced and high expressions of double positive cells of CD3+CD8+ and CD3+CD56+ were observed. The proliferation and cytotoxic activity were higher in Ag-DC-CIK cells than in CIK cells(P<0.05). Conclusion:The proliferation and liver cancer cell-killing activity of Ag-DC-CIK cells which obtained from co-culturing of Ag-DC and CIK cells are significantly higher compared with those of CIK cells.